In Curacao, Haitians Organize Against Discrimination” Haitian Times

Pro-Independence Party Tops Curacao Elections” Associated Press 

Curacao’s Former Prime Minister Seeks to Lead Coalition in Crowded Parliament Elections” (Associated Press)

“How An African Dictator Pays For Influence” Huffington Post/Morningside Post

“Hope Sullivan Masters is Defending the Indefensible” Morningside Post

Is Birth Control Legislation The Answer to Nigeria’s Population Problem? Sahara TV

“Nigerians Condemn Senate President David Mark’s Call to Censor Social Media” Sahara Reporters

“Social Media Stirs Ghanaians to Action Over Discrimination” Morningside Post

“The World Would Be Better Without Misrepresenting African Reality” Morningside Post

“Political Fabric: Better Than Just a T-Shirt” America.gov Guest Blogger

“Obama’s Visit to Ghana: Bridging the Gap” America.gov Guest Blogger


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