Hello again!

July 19, 2014 — 4 Comments

Well, hello! It has been a while!

I apologize for the lack of posts! Most of you may know that after leaving Curacao in August, I decided to move to Washington D.C. with little more a bit of hope and faith that I would find a new job. After crashing with a friend in Maryland for a few weeks, I found short term work and other gigs that allowed me to get by.

Well good news! Last month I started a new full time job as an editor/producer for the Washington Post. I’m thrilled to be able to continue to pursue my love of journalism and storytelling. I will be writing from time to time for WaPo, so look out for my pieces!

Thank you to everyone who has followed me thus far! I’m thinking about what to do with my blog, which I used primarily for documenting my experiences in Curacao, and other little vignettes and short stories. I will still update, but I hope to use this space to also document my musings on culture, style, photography, and whatever else piques my interest. Africa and diaspora issues will still be a frequent theme around here, of course.

As always, feel free to tweet me on Twitter!

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4 responses to Hello again!


    Hello Karen, enjoyed your comment of the island and its locals. I am married to a lovely woman from Curacao, We visit family/in-laws periodically, and find your statements very true. If, you would like to know more about Curacao feel free!


      Thank you! I am so late in responding to comments. I do miss Curacao, and hope to be back for a visit someday.


        Hi Karen, I stumbled across your blog while researching Jobs in Curacao. I just returned from Curacao after a WONDERFUL Christmas vacation where I fell in love with the island and the people I met. I stayed on “the other side” at the Scuba Lodge and am really interested in going back and possibly living for an extended period of time meaning longer than 3 months, in order to do so I need to obtain a work permit.

        I’d like to talk in depth with you a little further about your experience (sorry I literally just came across your blog and only read about your beginning transition onto the island) and finding work and if you were granted a work and/or residence permit.

        I see that you are now living in DC, I currently live in Baltimore.. If you are open to talking about the process of finding work and living there I’d really appreciate it. You can email me at alindsey0@gmail.com.. Hope to talk to you soon!

        Aspen Lindsey


    Hi Karen, I’m sure lots of people have told you that you have a very familiar northern Ghana last name. Attiah is a very common first and last name among the Gruni [Frafra] people of Upper East Region of Ghana – the areas of Bolgatanga, Bongo, Zuarungu, etc. I’m northern Ghanaian, not exactly from Upper East Region, but have lived there a long time – my entire high school, and my post college years. Anyway, your blog is really inspirational; I run into it just now after seeing your piece on Trump in the Washington Post. I’m attracted to American politics because I lived there as high school exchange student [Maryland], and went back to graduate school in New York at Columbia University’s SIPA. After a long while with the International Peace Institute’s Africa Program in New York, I’m now deputy head of mission of the African Union in South Sudan. Curacao is a very scintillating name! It has a great reputation, too, in Africa in world pageants! I wish to visit the Caribbean some day. Great work you are doing! All best wishes.

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