Lemongrass Shea Butter

Yay for shea butter!

I began last year mixing my own shea butter products for skin and natural hair after finding difficulties with so called “natural” shea  products here in the States. Most of the time those products contain shea butter that has been overrefined, contain fragrance, or other elements that are not so good for skin and hair.  So I decided to make my own whipped shea butter in my kitchen, and I want to share with everyone!

I use pure, unrefined shea butter straight from Accra Ghana. With my own special recipe of natural oils including jojoba, Vitamin E, and Coconut Oils, my Whipped Lemongrass Shea Butter both deeply hydrates and protects skin and hair from heat and dryness.

Here are some reviews:

From WinitMama:

  • It felt like I was putting a rich, whipped icing all over my arms and even smelled good enough to be one! I would describe this yummy lemongrass scent as a bold, clean, citrus fragrance. The butter instantly melted into my skin as I smoothed it on. My arms felt so smooth and even glistened in the sun too. After a couple days of using this on my arms I definitely seen an improvement on how healthy my skin looked!

Cambrey of dgatmag.com:

  • I would give it a 10 because it was light-weight, emollient, pleasant smelling, easy to use, and all natural. It could easily replace my Rosebud Salve.

Arrianna posted:

  • Karen, who blogs at “More than Rubies” on WordPress sent me some lemongrass-chea butter as a token of appreciation, and as a tangible reminder of the political, global economy that connects me- an African-American woman in California- to a women in West Africa…my hair and skin absolutely love the lemongrass shea mixture!

YouTube Reviews:

Stay tuned for more news on upcoming sample giveaways and for the launch of my product to go on sale very soon!


2 responses to Lemongrass Shea Butter

    Susan Turjanica January 4, 2013 at 10:29 AM

    Is there any retailer in Toronto to be able to buy your products?

    Thank you,


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