Goodbye Curacao…

August 19, 2013 — 7 Comments

Well my friends, after 11 months of Caribbean adventure, I have decided to return to the United States.

As I hope you could tell from my blog, I had my share of amazing and challenging experiences that I would trade for nothing. Many of those experiences, musings, and observations are still in my head and my heart. As I write now, I am back home in my hometown of Dallas, processing my experiences and preparing for my next moves. I have unpublished stories from the island that I’m excited to share in time. So while my physical self is back enjoying the Texas weather, my mind is still very much on Dushi Korsou.

I believe in there’s being a time, a season for all things. As I have written before, beneath the exterior of beautiful beaches, colorful buildings, and amazing weather, Curacao is a small island with increasingly big problems, politically, economically, and culturally. While I appreciated the laid back lifestyle, to be honest I never quite felt…at ease accepted quite at home. Maybe it was cultural differences, maybe it was moving from the hustle and bustle of New York to a small island community or just….maybe it was just my  time.

Sometimes things don’t always work the way we want, but things always seem to work for the best. At the risk of sounding cliche, I met a lot of amazing people along the way, and there are a special few that are in my heart and I will miss teribbly. When I stepped on my outbound flight last week from Curacao’s Hato airport, I knew I was returning a completely different person than the person who left everything behind in September of last year to chase her dreams.

Thank you to everyone who followed my adventures here, I really appreciated your comments, support and emails. I hope you continue to follow on my next adventures!

xoxo Karen




7 responses to Goodbye Curacao…


    I’ll keep following you and wish you all the best!


    Nice. Thanks for keeping us up to date on happenings in Curaçao. 🙂


    Wow, that was Really Fast, I mean really….even by misfits standards of boredom, most self imposed castoffs from the US usually last at least two years in the Caribbean, but it seems, that place is BEYOND boring…Personally, I feel, it was a culture shock on Many levels, the ABC’s act different from the rest of the West Indies, but you observed a repressed lifestyle that is Completely Un-Caribbean, it seems like. The simmering hostilities of wanting the Danish out, is not as Overt as Zimbabwe’s Land Reform policy of 2000, but it is no longer status quo as in the past, of Danish domination of economy & culture. Oh, well, You kinda missed out on a Caribbean form of fireworks that is Not a bloody Revolution, but a populist Get Out, this is Our Land Manifesto. So beautiful, completely Caribbean.


      Hi Julian,

      There were also other reasons for my departure, but like I said, I had a great experience. It is true, I heard from many people from other islands that the Curacao life is quite different from the other islands. Simmering hostilities exist, yes. I wish I could have had more opportunities to see the other islands, but its on my list for the future. 🙂


    It was so nice to meet you! Am so happy you are blogging, can keep up with you! Hugs

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