Who is this Masked Bicycle Man?

November 12, 2012 — 1 Comment

, I spotted this costumed bike rider around Fort Amsterdam. I couldn’t see his face, as it was covered by a mask under an elaborate headress, but he had protest flags adorning his bike. My friends tell me “he” or at least his character, has been around for years. Who is he and what is he doing? Anyone know?

One response to Who is this Masked Bicycle Man?


    Hi Karen, Can I first say THANK YOU! I am late, but I am now on the island for 9 months and our experiences seem very similar. i am disheartened being here and have never received such ill treatment for being a woman of color with an American accent. The treatment is not from the Dutch, but primarily from the “locals”. Which the term in and of itself is annoying. My sister sent me your blog to help me “deal”.
    This is Rasta Moses on the bicycle. I hope you had a chance to meet and build with him, I have. He is the minority that is ready for a change in Curacao for the people of color. He has vowed to cover himself until there are equal rights, opportunities and treatment for men of all colors on the island. I would love to speak with you further if possible. As a fellow New Yorker here, I’m being tested.

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