Happy New Year!

January 12, 2011 — Leave a comment

Happy New Year to you all!

I really appreciate all the positive feedback and discussion on my blog last year. I know I have been a bit delinquent with posting in the last few months while adjusting to my new role as a graduate student my new city of New York.

I still want this blog to my way of giving back, my way of blessing and encouraging women of color. But I intend to critique injustices, stereotyping, racism, discrimination and all other forms of narrow-minded thinking against women of color all over the world. I have a special heart for the plight of women in Africa, but I will start to write more about issues affecting women from all over the world.

I also still will post about natural hair, beauty, and fashion. I hope to feature more posts about the convergence of fashion and international development. Increasingly, there are projects and efforts sell products made by women in the third world and donate a portion of the proceeds back to these women.

Look out for more interviews of women I find particularly awesome.

Many of you have asked about my Lemongrass Shea Butter. I have not abandoned the project, so don’t worry! I plan on doing another sample giveaway pretty soon. I am listening to all of your feedback from previous giveaways and refining my recipe as I go along.

Of course, I am open to your comments and suggestions on how I can improve!

Be Blessed,


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