Update on 1 Million Shirts Saga

May 2, 2010 — 2 Comments

Here are some useful links to those who are interested in the developments concerning the 1 Million Shirts story I posted about a couple of days ago. I have a link here to a rough transcript of the conference call between Jason Sadler of 1MillionShirts.org and concerned voices from the African development community.

Also check out this link to Katrin Verclas’s (@katrinskaya) Tumblr page for an audio recording of the proceedings.

This is all just fascinating. I guess it’s almost like an “aid intervention”  entirely via social media . You know about classical intervention scenarios, when a group of concerned individuals confront someone they think is displaying behavior harmful to himself and others. Interventions only happen when people care. We all care about helping people, we all care about Africa. Interventions derive their power to change behavior by harnessing the collective concern of multiple voices. Who knows if 1millionshirts would have responded to just one or two aid workers. Who knows if they would have responded to one amateur blogger in the States. Who knows if they would have even responded to an concerned email from a trader in a potential target African country. But what happened was, multiple voices from all sectors all over the globe chimed in. At the end Sadler appears to realize his plan’s mistakes, and seems to be open to new ideas after hearing some of the negative feedback. Seems like a good start to me, how about you?


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